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Founder and 

Performance Coach

Since 2007 Gaston has coached elite level athletes from the PGA Tour, LPGA, MLB, NASCAR, NCAA programs, MMA, and the Olympics.  Beyond his work with athletes he has advised CEOs, executive teams, healthcare teams, performing artists, and your everyday client wanting to optimize personal performance in sports, business, or life. 

Gaston's expertise in mental performance was crafted over a decade of work in sports psychology, neuroscience, physiology, kinesiology, and his personal practice in the latest biohacking strategies.

His undergraduate studies in biology and psychology were completed at Illinois Wesleyan University with additional coursework at Harvard University in biological sciences.  He received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2005 from Midwestern University, and also serves as the Director of Rehabilitation in the Chicagoland area for post-hospitalization recovery treating the elderly. 

Gaston has a passion for developing the mindsets of aspiring young professionals, entrepreneurs, and elite junior athletes.  He has presented workshops, keynote speeches, and seminars to NCAA college programs, the AJGA, healthcare executive teams, Fortune 500 companies, and inner-city outreach programs in Chicago, IL.

Gaston enjoys the practices of martial arts, yoga, meditation, breathwork and biohacking.  He is an avid lover of music, travel, teaching, reading, and creating cherished moments with his wife and two daughters.





"As you think,
so shall you become."

Bruce Lee

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