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The e2 performance philosophy is centered around the core belief that devoting practice and discipline to elevating the mind results in elevating all aspects of life; for you and those around you.

e2 specializes in "brain-body" Performance Coaching, using science to deliver measurable and impactful results.

Our unique approach fuses neuroscience, performance psychology, functional medicine practices, and biohacking strategies to optimize performance in sports, business, and life. 

We use the Train ● Trust ● Triumph method, a performance improvement process to maximize learning and ongoing self-mastery.

We are dedicated to guiding you to success, and to inspire others on the journey to your best. 


Training of the mind, body, and spirit is the foundation of how we develop mental strength for all performances in life.  Disciplined practice, fueled by vision, best prepares you for the arena of competition.  Prepare, plan, and train with a very clear purpose to elevate yourself to the highest capacity.


Self-belief is the most powerful essential that will influence the outcomes in your life.  When a performance begins you must release and detach from all wants, desires, and expectations ... you must simply believe.  Have fearless, unbreakable "trust in your training." Know you are ready for your moment of truth.


Perspective and gratitude in the face of any and all results is what truly elevates you to an extraordinary life.  The pure triumph occurs in the form of "learning."  The knowledge gained becomes your never-ending reward. Allow this to guide your next training for the performances to follow. 




Dr. Gaston Cordova, DPT

Performance Coach


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